A red fox near the hilly  regions on the estate.

Foto: Simon Halling Ekmåne


"The open pastures and fields along with rock and scrubland, and the deeper woods makes for an abundance of wildlife and there are plenty of roe deer, moose, wild boar, fox and hare, and both marine and forest birds and proficient with geese in the fall will visit the fields.

On the farm land area totaling 200 hectares are open oak pasture, woodland, mountains, coastal land and farmland interspersed in the varied island scenery. There are plenty of nice passes and several well-placed towers makes the hunt fun and exciting. We have four baits and two fine cabins with illuminated bait for night hunts (two of the carrions today tower with roof, they are replaced in 2016 with huts). In addition, hunters access to game house with running water, sink and fridge / freezer as well as suspension of game. In need of temporary tracking dog, this costs 500 kr per game. In addition, hunting grounds have few roads, no public road and the farm is in a secluded location.

Requirements to obtain hunting valid ID, loose hunting license, gun license and insurance, which must be shown at pursuit. Accommodation can be arranged about 800 m from the hunting ground. Please see our gallery in the menu at the top of the page for photos on the hunting grounds. Hunters also have access to a shelter and a good barbecue in the middle of land where even the parking of cars is suitable. When you rent hunting with us, you can also hunt on the wildlife-rich oak pastures, then we move grazing animals to another pasture. Payment is due two weeks before your arrival unless otherwise agreed. Every hunter / hunting parties that book, of course, alone in the hunt the day the book. We are also careful not to have too many reservations, so that there is always game available. Questions? Gamekeeper Hunter Jonathan on 073-072 77722


This is always included in every booked hunting (unless otherwise agreed):

> Briefing before the hunt

> Maps with marked passport and baits

> Free access to the windbreak and wood fuel

> A small game house with running water, refrigerator / freezer

The hunt is conducted in the following main forms:

Prices? Contact us for more information!

1. Roe deer hunting

Most popular during the bending premiere, invites the farm on an exciting deer hunting in the topographically varied nature grounds.

- At roebuck premiere in 2016 we can receive at least 4 up to 8 hunters per booking

- Tracking dog is offered for a fee, and retrieval of game as well.


2. Forest geese and waterfowl hunting

As the farm adjacent to Tjust archipelago we can offer scenic waterfowl hunting on the coast where we are well placed and built burrows. Access is of course the boat to retrieve the fallen prey. Gnomes and removable slide burrows can be rented.


- Hunters have access to game house with running water, and maps over the allowed hunting area.

- Tracking dog, boat and guided to the firing range can be purchased.

3.Hunt on wild boar

The farm has two well-built huts with illuminated baits where pigs regularly stays, as well as two additional baits at windproof tower roof. This game is perfect to combine with deer hunt for the day! Call for package price.


Tracking dog is offered for a fee.

- A wild boar per day and shooteris included, additional game costs 500 per wild boar

- Access to game house, guidance and maps.


4. Small game hunting

Although a lot of small game are hare, fox and three known badger burrows.

- game house and maps are included. One game per shooter included.


Game keeper Jonatan Halling 073-0727722 or

View from a shooting burrow.

Foto: Simon Halling Ekmåne

As a hunter you have access to wood and a wind shelter.

Foto: Simon Halling Ekmåne

The hunting grounds have a abundance of game.

Foto: Emma Jansson


Simon: 072-336 5862, Stina: 073-058 6176


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